Black Buck Sanctuary

The conservation efforts for Nepal’s most endangered antelope, the blackbuck, in Bardia district are commendable. Here’s a refined description that emphasizes the significance of these conservation initiatives:

“Nepal’s most endangered antelope, the blackbuck, finds its last refuge in the Bardia district, specifically in the Khairapur area located approximately 35 km south from Thakurdwara, the park headquarters. Recognizing the critical status of this species, Bardia National Park has taken proactive measures to actively engage in the conservation of the last remaining population of blackbucks.

Black Buck Sanctuary in Bardia

The park’s dedicated efforts focus on the Khairapur region, where a specialized habitat has been created to support and protect these rare antelopes. This conservation initiative aims not only to increase the population of blackbucks but also to safeguard their habitat, ensuring the long-term survival of this endangered species.

The Khairapur area, situated outside the park boundaries, serves as a crucial site for the blackbuck’s recovery. By establishing a specially designed habitat, the park endeavors to create a conducive environment that allows these antelopes to thrive and multiply.

Conservation of the blackbuck population is vital not just for the species itself but also for the overall biodiversity of Bardia National Park. The park’s active engagement in this initiative reflects a commitment to preserving the unique and irreplaceable wildlife that defines the region.

As a flagship species in Bardia, the blackbuck serves as a symbol of the park’s dedication to conservation and the sustainable management of its natural resources. Through these efforts, Bardia National Park strives to secure a future where the blackbuck continues to roam freely in its native habitat, contributing to the ecological balance of this remarkable region.”

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