Headquarter of Bardia National Park, Western Nepal

Bardia National Park, Head Office, Thakurdwara Bardia, Western Nepal 

Bardiya National Park, spanning over 968 sq.km, stands as the largest national park in the lowland Terai region of Nepal. Nestled in the Western Terai, this park was established with the primary objective of safeguarding representative ecosystems and preserving the habitat crucial for the survival of the tiger and its prey species.

Bardia National Park Headquarter, Bardia, Nepal

Bardia National Park Headquarter, Bardia, Nepal

The headquarters of Bardia National Park is located in Thakurdwara, a small town in the Bardia District of Western Nepal. Here is some detailed information about the headquarters:

Location: Thakurdwara is situated in the southwestern part of Nepal, near the border with India. It is approximately 585 kilometers (363 miles) west of Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal.

Facilities: The headquarters serves as the administrative center for Bardia National Park and provides various facilities for visitors, researchers, and park staff. These facilities may include administrative offices, visitor centers, accommodations for park personnel, and facilities for conducting research and conservation activities.

Services: Visitors to Bardia National Park can obtain permits, information, and guidance from the headquarters. Additionally, guided tours, wildlife safaris, and other activities may be arranged through the park headquarters.

Accessibility: Thakurdwara is accessible by road from major cities such as Kathmandu and Nepalgunj. The nearest airport is Nepalgunj Airport, which is approximately 90 kilometers (56 miles) southeast of Thakurdwara.

Surroundings: The headquarters is surrounded by the diverse habitats of Bardia National Park, including dense forests, grasslands, and wetlands. Visitors can explore the rich biodiversity of the park and enjoy activities such as wildlife viewing, birdwatching, jungle walks, and river rafting.

 The headquarters of Bardia National Park in Thakurdwara serves as a gateway to the natural wonders and wildlife experiences that await visitors in this pristine conservation area of Nepal.

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