Thakurdwara Village in Bardia District Nepal

Thakurdwara is a village located in the Bardia District of Nepal, particularly in the Bardia National Park region. Here is some information about Thakurdwara:

Thakurdwara Village in Bardia National Park


  • District: Bardia
  • Region: Bheri
  • Proximity to Bardia National Park: Thakurdwara is often considered the gateway to Bardia National Park, one of the largest and most renowned national parks in Nepal.

Key Features:

  1. Access to Bardia National Park:
    • Thakurdwara serves as the primary entry point for visitors to Bardia National Park. Many lodges, resorts, and tour operators are based in or around Thakurdwara, providing accommodations and organizing safari activities into the national park.
  2. Thakurdwara Temple:
    • The village is known for the Thakurbaba Temple, a significant religious site. Pilgrims and visitors often come to pay their respects and experience the cultural and religious atmosphere of the area.
  3. Tharu Culture:
    • Thakurdwara is situated in an area predominantly inhabited by the Tharu ethnic group. Tharus are known for their unique culture, traditional dance forms, and distinct lifestyle. Visitors to Thakurdwara have the opportunity to engage with and learn about Tharu culture.
  4. Tourist Facilities:
    • The village has developed tourist facilities to cater to the influx of visitors exploring Bardia National Park. Accommodations, restaurants, and tour services are available to enhance the overall experience for travelers.
  5. Local Markets and Handicrafts:
    • Thakurdwara may have local markets where visitors can explore and purchase Tharu handicrafts, traditional clothing, and locally made products.
  6. Access to Babai Valley:
    • Thakurdwara is also a gateway to the Babai Valley, an area known for its biodiversity and proximity to Bardia National Park. The valley provides opportunities for nature walks, birdwatching, and exploring the wilderness.

Conservation Efforts:

  • Bardia National Park, accessible from Thakurdwara, actively engages in conservation efforts. This includes the preservation of wildlife, protection of endangered species, and community involvement in sustainable practices.


  • Road Access: Thakurdwara is accessible by road, and buses, taxis, or private vehicles are common modes of transportation.

Cultural and Wildlife Tourism:

  • Thakurdwara serves as a hub for both cultural and wildlife tourism. Visitors can experience the vibrant Tharu culture, explore the national park’s diverse ecosystems, and partake in activities like jungle safaris, birdwatching, and river excursions.

Visiting Thakurdwara provides a unique blend of cultural immersion, religious exploration, and access to the natural wonders of Bardia National Park and the surrounding areas. It’s a destination that appeals to those seeking a holistic experience encompassing culture, wildlife, and adventure.

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