Fishing Trip

The Fishing Trip experience you offer in Bardia National Park sounds truly exceptional, providing a unique opportunity to engage with the rich natural beauty and diverse wildlife of the region. Here’s a refined description that emphasizes the unique aspects of the Fishing Trip:

“For those seeking a distinctive and rewarding experience beyond traditional tours, wildlife safaris, or trekking adventures, our Fishing Trip offers a one-of-a-kind journey into the heart of Bardia National Park in West Nepal. Set against the backdrop of the Karnali River and Babai River, this excursion is designed to provide not only a thrilling fishing experience but also an encounter with the hidden wildlife that defines the essence of Bardia’s rich flora and fauna.

Both the Karnali and Babai rivers serve as the perfect setting for angling, presenting an ideal habitat for the elusive Golden Mahasheer, often referred to as the King of Fish in Nepal. The fishing expedition unfolds as an exploration of the pristine waters, where every cast brings the anticipation of an extraordinary encounter with this majestic species.

As you immerse yourself in the art of angling, the surrounding wilderness reveals its treasures. The chance to encounter hidden wildlife along the riverbanks adds an element of excitement to the fishing experience. Bardia, with its remarkable biodiversity, unveils its secrets as you patiently wait for the telltale tug on your line.

Angling has gained popularity as a water sport in Nepal, and the Karnali and Babai rivers offer an exceptional playground for this pursuit. The Golden Mahasheer, with its powerful presence, awaits your skillful cast. Approximately 118 varieties of freshwater fish, ranging from the coveted Mahseer to the vibrant mountain stream trout, add to the allure of this fishing expedition.

Our Fishing Trips are strategically organized before and after the monsoons, from February through April and October through November. These optimal periods ensure a captivating experience amidst the natural beauty of Bardia National Park, where the intertwining of angling and wildlife encounters creates memories that last a lifetime. Join us for a journey where the thrill of fishing meets the wonders of the wild, promising an adventure that transcends the ordinary.”

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