Wildlife Rafting

Embark on a full day of wild rafting along the majestic Karnali River, a thrilling expedition that not only promises the excitement of white-water rafting but also serves as an unparalleled opportunity to observe Bardia National Park’s diverse wildlife.

As you navigate the tumultuous currents of the Karnali, the river that traverses the heart of the park, you’ll be treated to mesmerizing glimpses of wildlife that freely roam across its pristine landscapes. Our experienced guides will skillfully steer the raft, making strategic stops in areas brimming with animal possibilities. Here, you’ll have the chance to witness wildlife that may be inaccessible by foot, elephant, or jeep.

The riverbanks offer a front-row seat to the vibrant tapestry of the park’s ecosystem. Keep your eyes peeled for a myriad of river birds, the playful antics of the Asiatic Gangetic dolphin, sunbathing crocodiles, and the intricate world of river insects. The Karnali River is not just a conduit for aquatic life; it’s a thriving habitat for three magnificent big animals, providing you with a unique vantage point for wildlife observation.

Amidst the adventure, take advantage of great fishing opportunities in the river. The Karnali is home to a variety of fish species, offering enthusiasts the chance to try their hand at angling amidst the stunning backdrop of Bardia’s wilderness.

This full-day rafting expedition seamlessly blends the thrill of river rafting with the enchantment of wildlife exploration. It’s an immersive experience where the untamed beauty of the river system comes alive, revealing the rich biodiversity that defines Bardia National Park. Join us for a day of adventure, where each bend of the river brings a new discovery and the rush of the rapids is complemented by the serenity of wildlife encounters—a journey that promises the best of both worlds.

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